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A marketing-savvy copywriter with a diploma degree in Digital Marketing and 2+ years freelance experience in copywriting and content writing, In addition to working as an Arabic Copywriter at a global advertising agency (APCO Worldwide).

I’m based in Jordan. I work on crafting and producing engaging, persuasive and clear text for different advertising channels such as websites, print ads and catalogs, I assist with producing written content and proofreading work for accuracy and quality to better serve clients from different sectors and industries.

Prior to joining APCO Worldwide, I worked as a freelancer bilingual copywriter specializing in content writing, content creation, social media writing and video script writing for retail, business services, hospitality, and F&B sectors.
What I do
Crafting copy for various marketing materials; such as
- Content creation based on research and in accordance with SEO ranking factors (articles, blogs, long-form social media posts)
- Advertisement copywriting
- Landing page content writing
- Video script writing
- Social media content and design
- Mailshot copywriting

Languages: Formal Arabic, English, and colloquial Arabic of Levant region
Why work with me?

Let me tell you a story.

After graduating from university, like any graduate in my country, I pursued jobs postings, applying for companies daily. On some days I contacted over 20 company in a day until I found a job. FINALLY, right?

Not exactly…

I started my career in the supply chain management field; I was eager to learn every pit of this field. I worked in SCM for 7 years until one day....
I read this question "What excites you in your life?". I knew it wasn't what I did for a living. So, after a MESSY conflict, I quit my job and rely on the side hustle I was starting, it was an irrational decision but no regrets. Three months after quitting my job, I decided that I'm no longer enjoying my side hustle... That's when I started exploring myself, trying to answer: what am I supposed to do?

Long story short, I got to Copywriting by exploring the digital marketing field and got hooked since then.
I've been writing poems for years, since I was a 7th grader, so I know my way around the letters. I enjoy capturing people's attention with words. And I love to help people get what they need. So being a copywriter was the answer, and still is.

I am committed to deliver high quality original work and on time. This is one of the impressive skills I honed through working in supply chain management. I learnt how to meet and, sometimes, beat tight deadlines.
Also, I have a limitless imagination, so together, we can have no limit and we will make the sky our starting point.
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(WhatsApp)  +962-787574736

Thank you!
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